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If you’re seeking information on where to purchase Neolife products and their functions in Nigeria or anywhere else globally, you’ve come to the right source. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top Neolife products and outlined their health benefits for you.

Tre en en – Neolife Products

Tre-en-en, which was introduced by Neolife in 1958, stands as one of GNLD Neolife’s top-selling products. This unique formulation contains vital phyto-lipids necessary for optimal cellular health and function. These include essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, along with phyto-sterols such as beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol, campesterol, and octacosanol.

The lipids and sterols in Tre-en-en play a crucial role in supporting the efficient uptake of nutrients by cells and facilitating the removal of waste and metabolites from within the cells. This product is designed to promote and maintain cellular well-being.

Tre en en – Neolife Products and Their Functions

TRE-EN-EN ® Grain Contracts “feed your cells” with an exclusive whole-food blend of wheat, rice, and soy extracts. It supplies Phyto-LIPIDS, including Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, phyto-STEROLS beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol.

Does not contain cholesterol. Cold pressed and cold processed to maintain nutritional value.

Complete lipid and sterol profile of wheat , rice and soya.

Various phytonutrient extracts from staples used around the globe provide essential nutrients,

such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, for optimal cell function.

Scientifically proven to promote the efficient use of nutrients needed for cardiovascular growth and development *.

Replaces important sterols removed from processed foods, including beta-sitosterol, gamma-oryzanol, stimasterol and campesterol, plus octacosanol.

Cold-pressed and cold-processed to maintain nutritional value.

Cholesterol free, yeast free.

* This statement was not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose , treat, cure or prevent any kind of disease.

Gelatine, glycerine, yellow beeswax, water, rice bran powder, wheat germ powder, titanium dioxide, natural color and mixed non-alpha tocopherol . Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company.

Aleo vera – Another Great Neolife Products

“Aloe vera, one of Neolife’s globally recognized products, has been embraced worldwide for its natural drink and traditional remedies. This soothing plant, known for approximately 4,000 years, has been valued for its contributions to overall health, stamina, and vitality, both when applied topically and consumed internally.

Scientific analysis has consistently validated numerous traditional uses of this succulent plant, including its internal consumption for enhancing gastrointestinal well-being, bolstering the immune system, maintaining normal blood sugar levels, and combating inflammation.

Neolife’s Aloe Vera phyto-beverage offers a refreshing way to kickstart your day, boasting an irresistibly delightful, sparkling flavor that has become a beloved choice among our customers.

This naturally refreshing phyto-beverage is gently carbonated and features pure aloe vera infused with a distinctive blend of black tea, chamomile, ginseng, and natural lemon.

• Our unique “Gel-only” filling process ensures that undesired elements found in whole-leaf aloe are excluded.

• Neolife’s herbal tea blend, comprising black tea, chamomile, ginseng, and natural lemon, harmoniously combines to create a delectable flavor suitable for all members of your family.

• Light carbonation adds a refreshing and enjoyable dimension to daily aloe vera consumption.

• This “Glycemic edge” beverage is sweetened with fructose to provide quick and sustained energy.

• With only 13 calories per 2-ounce serving, it’s a guilt-free indulgence.

Ingredients: Carbonated water, aloe vera concentrate, fructose, instant tea (Camellia sinensis), natural lemon flavor, chamomile, ginseng, citric acid, sodium benzoate (used to protect the taste).

Q. Why did Neolife introduce a carbonated Aloe Vera drink?

A. Neolife recognized the immense demand for phyto-drinks in the market, with carbonated beverages being a significant part of this industry.

Neolife’s carbonated Aloe Vera phyto-beverage has achieved great success in the international market, and we believe it offers North American distributors an opportunity to tap into this market.

Q. What is the shelf life of Neolife’s Aloe Vera beverage?

A. All Neolife supplements feature a “Best If Used By” date on their labels. In the case of carbonated Aloe Vera, the shelf life is approximately one year.

Q. Does Neolife’s Aloe Vera drink contain the same tea blend as Aloe Vera Plus?

A. No, the carbonated Aloe Vera beverage features a unique blend of black tea, chamomile, ginseng, and lemon to create a delightful sparkling drink.

Q. Does Neolife’s Aloe Vera product beverage contain pure aloe?

A. Yes, the aloe vera used in Neolife’s carbonated Aloe Vera phyto-beverage and Vitality Aloe Vera Plus is 100% pure inner gel-filled aloe.

Q. Why does the new Aloe Vera Neolife product have fewer calories?

A. The new Aloe Vera beverage contains slightly less fructose because the carbonation naturally adds some sweetness.

Q. Does Neolife’s Aloe Vera beverage contain aloin?

A. Neolife’s Aloe Vera phyto-beverage does not contain aloin. Aloin is a bitter-tasting laxative compound found in the yellow sap of the aloe vera plant, which may be irritating to the digestive system.

Q. What is sodium benzoate, and what is its purpose?

A. Neolife’s Aloe Vera beverage contains a small amount of sodium benzoate to preserve its taste. Sodium benzoate is a salt of benzoic acid, which is a natural component found in certain berries.”

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company.

Beta Guard – is another great GNLD Neolife Products 

The escalating prevalence of toxic chemicals in our environment elevates the risk of life-threatening diseases.. 

GNLD’s Betagard provides nutritional


It synergistic blend of antioxidant and detoxifying nutrients helps the body to 

neutralize and metabolize toxic materials.

What is the Nutritional Supplement for Safeguarding Against Environmental Toxins?

The escalating prevalence of hazardous chemicals in our surroundings heightens the peril of life-threatening illnesses. GNLD’s Betagard offers nutritional fortification.

Its harmonious amalgamation of antioxidant and detoxifying nutrients empowers the body to counteract and metabolize toxic substances.

Our well-being is under siege due to pollution. Researchers estimate that 80% of cancer cases stem from environmental factors. Pollutants can also exacerbate various other ailments, encompassing heart disease, kidney disease, emphysema, anemia, liver disease, and more.

The onslaught is all-encompassing. Toxic exposure lurks in the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors, the water we consume, and the food we ingest.

Scientific investigations have elucidated that specific nutrients can bolster the body’s defenses against environmental toxins, impede toxic reactions, and avert cell damage that could precipitate disease.

BETA GUARD – Neolife Products and Their Functions

Conceived by the eminent toxicologist, Dr. Arthur Furst, this formula is purpose-built to fortify your body against harmful agents present in our air, water, and food.

A synergistic fusion of antioxidants and detoxifying nutrients, it empowers your body to intervene in toxic processes and shield against cell damage stemming from environmental pollutants.

Bestows protection through antioxidants, featuring beta-carotene and other carotenoids naturally occurring in carrots, along with vitamin C and the comprehensive vitamin E family, including tocopherols and tocotrienols.

Facilitates detoxification of ingested or inhaled foreign substances.

B-vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, and pyridoxine, in conjunction with magnesium, aid in the detoxification of foreign substances.

It contributes to safeguarding against heavy metal contamination and reinforces immune function, with the support of zinc, selenium, and GTF chromium, bolstering the body’s essential defenses.

Delivers the equivalent of beta-carotene found in two large carrots. Enhances mineral absorption through amino acid chelation.

Please note: GNLD products and Neolife products are the same company

Carotenoid Complex: A Neolife Product.

Neolife’s Carotenoid Complex stands as one of the best-selling products . It is a comprehensive OIL-SOLUBLE antioxidant complex derived entirely from whole food sources.

Each capsule delivers a diverse array of carotenoids, equivalent to an ideal serving of fruits and vegetables.

This unique Carotenoid Complex is the sole product of its kind that offers such an exclusive blend of carotenoid-rich concentrates in a form readily recognized and utilized by the body.

Research conducted by USDA scientists has suggested that a diet lacking in carotenoids can compromise the immune system’s effectiveness.

The Daily Carotenoid Complex, containing a wide spectrum of carotenoids, has the potential to enhance the immune response in otherwise healthy individuals.

Daily Carotenoid Complex has been shown:

  1. Dramatically improve both immune cell levels and overall immune cell responsiveness.
  2. Boost levels of lymphocytes that are the body’s first immunological line of defense against disease.
  3. Increase natural killer cell levels by more than 21 percent above baseline levels in just 20 days. This is more than twice the effect of beta-carotene alone!
  4. Reclaiming the loss of immune power and boosting the overall immune capacity by 37 percent in just 20 days. (Supplementation with beta-carotene alone did not provide this benefit).
  5. Highly bioavailable: the ingredients in the Carotenoid Complex are absorbed and used by the body.

Please note: Gnld products and neolife products are the same company. 

PhytoDefense – Neolife Products and Their Functions

imagine you have a special pack called PhytoDefense. This pack is like a superhero for your body because it helps keep you healthy. It’s packed with amazing stuff that’s like eating six servings of fruits and vegetables in one go!

Inside the PhytoDefense pack, there are three super teams of nutrients:

  1. Carotenoid Heroes: These are like the bodyguards of your cells. They protect the fatty parts of your cells from bad guys called free radicals, which can harm your cells.
  2. Flavonoid Friends: These are like the lifeguards for the watery parts inside and around your cells. They make sure everything stays safe and sound.
  3. Cruciferous Champions: These are like the sidekicks that help your body’s natural hormones and enzymes do their job properly. They make sure your body stays in tip-top shape.

So, when you take a PhytoDefense pack, it’s like inviting all these superheroes to protect you from getting sick. It’s like having a tasty and healthy shield for your body!

GNLD Neolife Chelated Cal-Mag with 500 IU Vitamin D3

GNLD Neolife Cal-Mag is a supplement that contains two important minerals: calcium and magnesium. These minerals are essential for our body to function properly.

  1. Unique Amino Acid Chelated Calcium: This means that the calcium in this supplement is specially processed to make it easier for our body to absorb. Think of it like making the calcium more “digestible” for your body.
  2. 2-to-1 Ratio of Magnesium: This supplement contains twice as much magnesium as calcium. Magnesium is important for various functions in our body, like helping enzymes work and regulating our heart and muscles.
  3. Vitamin D: Cal-Mag capsules also have vitamin D. This vitamin is included for people who may not get enough of it from their diet. Vitamin D is crucial for our overall health.


  • Cardiovascular Health: It’s good for your heart and blood vessels.
  • Normal Blood Pressure: Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
  • Nervous and Muscle Function: Supports the proper working of your nerves and muscles.
  • Relieving PMS Symptoms: Can help reduce discomfort during PMS (premenstrual syndrome).


  • Strong Bones and Teeth: It helps keep your bones and teeth healthy.
  • Preventing Osteoporosis: Can delay or even prevent a condition called osteoporosis, which makes your bones weak and brittle.

Pure & Natural: This means the supplement is made from high-quality, natural ingredients.

In a nutshell, GNLD Neolife Cal-Mag is a supplement that provides your body with important minerals and vitamins to support various aspects of your health, like your heart, muscles, bones, and more. It’s designed to be easy for your body to absorb.

Chelated Zinc – Neolife products and their Functions

Zinc is a mineral that is good for your body in several ways. It’s not only known for helping with the common cold but also has other important roles.

  1. Common Cold: Zinc can make the symptoms of a common cold less severe and help you get better faster.
  2. Reproduction and Energy: Zinc is important for making sure your body can create new cells and use the energy from the food you eat.
  3. Prostate Health: For men, zinc is important for the normal functioning of the prostate, which is a part of the body involved in reproduction.
  4. Wound Healing: Zinc can also help your body heal when you get a cut or a wound. It might help speed up the healing process.

GNLD Neolife is a product that provides high-quality zinc that your body can absorb easily because it’s combined with natural amino acids. This makes it more effective.

Here’s why this is important:

  • For normal growth and development of reproductive organs and for the prostate to work properly, your body needs zinc.
  • When you get a cut or a wound, zinc can help it heal faster.
  • Scientific studies have shown that zinc supplements can reduce the time you feel sick with a cold by about three days and can make the symptoms less severe.

The zinc in GNLD Neolife is of very high quality, like the kind used in medicine. It’s also designed to be absorbed well by your body. This means it’s effective and does its job properly.

And just so you know, GNLD and Neolife are the same company